Visit Percé and Forillon National Park for the day!

Again this year, from June 29 to August 31, summer routes have been added to our regular slate of public transit services. Hop on the bus for a day getaway!

Discover Percé and its attractions!

A return trip between Gaspé and Percé on bus route 22 (departure from Gaspé for a day at Percé and return in late afternoon).

Bus route 31 already provides travellers between Chandler and Percé with access to Percé for the day.

Spend the day at Forillon National Park!

A return trip between Gaspé and Forillon National Park on bus route 21 (departure from Gaspé for a day at Forillon National Park).

People who live between Chandler and Gaspé can take bus route 22 leaving from Chandler at 6 a.m., destination Gaspé, transfer to the 21, then return to Chandler on the 22 at 5 p.m.


See the bus schedule on our website. And don’t forget our summer special: everyone gets to travel on public transit free of charge this summer!