Rates for special trips

Rates for special trips vary according to distance and the time required to complete the journey.

To obtain a special trip estimate, contact us at 418 364-0841.

Make your request as soon as possible (at least 2 days in advance), specifying:

  • the exact place of departure,
  • the exact place of arrival,
  • the times of the requested trips (there and back),
  • number of passengers,
  • number of passengers under 10 years of age.

We will evaluate your request and try to respond as satisfactorily as possible, depending on the availability of our vehicles and agreements in effect with our partners.

We will provide you with a special rate estimate, and then you can confirm whether you want to proceed with your reservation. To cover the cost of special trips, you can create partnerships with other community groups or organizations, so that the costs can be distributed among several organizations.

Please note that in case of cancellation, you must contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

The RÉGÎM is not responsible for ridership on special trips: if you book a special trip, the fare will remain that of the accepted bid, no matter if you have a different number of passengers than expected (within the limits of the available seating, unless a provision to the contrary is incorporated in the accepted bid).