Fare schedule

Fare schedule


The fare schedule apply to:


Passengers six years and older must pay for a fare in one of the following ways:

  • $4 in cash (exact change only);
  • $3 per ticket or electronic ticket*;
  • a monthly pass: regular ($100), student ($80) or senior citizen ($60).

*available with an access card.


For more information about fares and points of service, check the fare schedule.

Access cards are available for $5 from drivers and at RÉGÎM points of service. They can be renewed online, by purchasing monthly passes or booklets of electronic tickets. For more information on access cards or to renew your card, see the section on access cards.


Special trips

Fares for special trips are distinct, and vary according to different parameters. To get a quote or request a booking, contact us:

Phone: 418 364-0841
Email: [email protected]